Dear Classmate,

ETHS 67 Gives Back Like No Class Before Us


As we come together for our 50th reunion, we have the opportunity to begin a philanthropic tradition that will benefit the children of Evanston far into the future. While many individual alumni have made gifts to honor their reunions, we are the first to undertake to give a significant gift as a class. Won’t you please support the students and teachers of ETHS by donating to our Class Gift? If all of us do what we can, ETHS ’67 will once again leave our mark on the school that helped us become what we are.


No Evanston class has done what we are doing. Our leadership will inspire a tradition that will help Evanston children far into the future, a proud legacy indeed.


Philanthropy expands the opportunities available to ETHS students. Our gift will help creative teachers invent programs to engage students who’ve lost interest in the traditional curriculum so that they go on to fulfilling lives and careers, as well as enrich opportunities for the gifted. Evanston has an outstanding faculty—teachers who strive every day to help each student find a path.

 Please watch this short video. ETHS students make the case better than any letter can:



Some examples of the novel programs philanthropy has allowed teachers to create:


  1. Build an Advanced Manufacturing Lab with state-of-the-art CNC tools to prepare students for highly skilled industry jobs and careers in engineering.
  2. Create the Geometry in Construction program to convince students who think "they can't do the math" that they can.
  3. Equip the Renewable Energy and Ecology Lab, letting students experience science connected to the sort of real world problems they find interesting.
  4. Transform the Automotive Technology Lab, preparing students to graduate with industry certifications to work on today's high-tech automobiles.
And some projects which just make ETHS a better place to be a student:
  1. Build the Student Commons and Bike Compound. None of us will forget that we didn't even have a student lounge!
  2. Refurbish the main auditorium.
  3. Light and resurface Lazier Field.
Our gifts go to the ETHS Educational Foundation and are tax deductible. Thanks to a handful of generous classmates, the “quiet phase” of our campaign has raised almost $106,000 toward a goal of $200,000. We were an outstanding class 50 years ago. With your participation, we’ll prove just how outstanding our class is.

Nancy Berry Thomson and Ron Harris volunteered to lead this campaign, and we’d like to close with a personal note:


ETHS sent us out into the world well prepared to take advantage of what came next. We are extremely grateful, and have devoted considerable time and treasure to paying back (or forward, however you prefer to think of it) the gifts ETHS gave us.


Philanthropy, regardless of your capability, is an extremely pleasurable experience. The best salesperson in the world can’t talk you into reaching a little higher, you have to do that yourself. When you do, you will feel very good indeed. We promise.


We would love to speak with you, or correspond, however you prefer. Our email is: (This is different from the Reunion Committee email)


To see what the Foundation does:


Please, take time to convince yourself, then prove that the Class of ’67 still rocks.


When you’re ready, please make your check payable to: "ETHS Educational Foundation," and mail to:



1600 Dodge

Evanston IL 60201


Attn: Joanne Bertsche


And include “ETHS 67 Reunion Gift” on the memo line.


If you prefer to make your gift online, the link is:




Thank you to the generous donors who have contributed to the Class Reunion gift to ETHS. To date, we have raised close to $100,000 for ETHS- the largest class gift ever. The funds will support extraordinary facilities on campus and guarantee excellence for all students. We are still accepting donations to push us past our goal.
-Nancy Berry Thomson and Ron Harris, Class Gift Co-Chairs

Marsha Avery-Belcher
Michael Babbitt
Randy Barkan
Ron Berman
Bob Bohrer
Fay Bomberg
John Cara
Caryl Carlsen
Bob Chandler
Joan Cherry
Shari  Cohen
Cheryl Collins
Jeff Currie
Susan Bost Dufault
Maggie Eagle
Joan Platt Ellis
Priscilla Ferguson-Wagstaffe
Claire Haring Golan
Karen Grabow
Carson Greene
Myron Gutmann
Ron Harris
Renee Harris
Richard & Cecilia Nankervis Hartman
Tex Henry
John Hewitt
Dick Hochschild
Linda Gough Irons
Kent Johnston
David Jones
Linda Horwitz Kahan
Ellen Neiman Kenemore
Judith Dickson Kinsett
Rick Klamm
Jeff Landsman
Dave Lee
Judith Yaross Lee
Robert Levin
Peter Marcus
Joel Margules
Nancy Stephey McKiernan
Steve Newman
Sheila Markin Nielsen
Barbara Provus
Bruce Radebaugh
Gail Sanders
Ted Schaffner
Nick Schlageter
Nancy Schmidt
Lynn Shotwell
Sharon Silverman
Todd Smith
Scott Spector
Candy Spreckman
Fred Stanton
Catherine Stembridge
Bill Stinchcomb
Katie Hanley Storer
David Suber
Joel Summer
Jeff Sweet
Lance Taylor
Nancy  Berry Thomson
Janice Westfall
John Wilson
Anne Wilson-Dooley
Irene Wong
Jim Wood
Stephen Zabrin