September 8, 2017
3 years, 8 months and 4 days since
our Reunion.

The Evanston Township High School Class of 1967 welcomes you!


This is the official site of the Evanston Township High School Class of 1967 50th Reunion Committee.  Most of the information on this site is dated material.

Timeless pages include Classmates, Movies and Photos and the Memorials page is updated most frequently. We are working as diligently as we feel like on any given day to update any relevant information left here. Please consider joining us on Facebook at Evanston Township High School Class of 1967

Happy 70th Birthday!

Let's have a Party!

(oops, we've already had our 70th)

(The information below remains relevant, just read around the dated references)

We are encouraging classmates to continue the connections made during our 50th Reunion by celebrating a milestone Birthday that most of us share in 2019.

If you would like to get together with Classmates in your geograpic area, this would be an opportune excuse (if an excuse is necessary). 

If you have joined this Website and are interested in getting together with other Classmates in far flung locals, you  can use this site to find Classmates in your area.

When Classmates signed up on the Website, they were asked several questions, some were required and some were optional. The ONLY required questions that SHOW on the site is your name in high school and current name, your state and country of residence and your Hall. The only other question that required an answer was your email address , which does not appear to the public.

If you go to the Classmates Page (you must be a member), you will see a link to an interactive map where you can search for Classmates in your area.

Most Classmates can be reached by clicking on the bar under their yearbook photo. An email will be sent to that Classmate at the address they used for registration.

To send an email, you must use your email address and the Classmate you are trying to reach MAY or MAY NOT get back to you, their choice. This is all done by the software and bypasses all administration of this site, we won't know anything about it.

Photos from our 50th Reunion Celebration are now available for Members.

go to Movies and Photos and scroll to Reunion Albums (click here)
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